The Irish Bucket List

Interested in Marketing?

First question: What is marketing?

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” The official academic definition from The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Have a look at some images of NUI Galway

For more information about NUI Galway or contact them on Facebook or Twitter

Ireland named as the best country for ‘adhering to Koran’

George Boole 200 Launch Celebrations, Dublin

Diwali celebrations @University College Cork

It looks like UCC will be in India this month!

Why Ireland according to Bono

Brazilians studying in Ireland.. What do they think?

Beatriz Afonso is studying at Cork Institute of Technology

Augusto Magalhaes studied at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

Luciana Leal is studying at NUI Galway

If you are considering studying abroad and Ireland is on your possible list check out you will find information about the universities and the colleges, what courses you can study and also information on living and work in Ireland.

If you would like to study English in Ireland you should visit the following website

Ireland set to become fastest-growing EU economy

What else is happening in Ireland at the moment? Ah yes! It is all about the Web Summit!!

Indian students in Ireland, What do they think?

Have a look at the following videos to see what other Indian students think of studying in Limerick!

Have a look at how some of the many Indian students studying in Ireland celebrate Diwali!

Dublin ranked at 24 in a list of the cities highly-educated people would be willing to work in globally